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Errol book series: The cat who wasn’t a cat

Errol grew up believing he was a normal cat, and just like any normal cat, he went to college, got a job at a bank, and worked every day.

When a gang of bandits try to rob Errol’s bank, a dragon magically appears to save the day.  Soon after, Errol learns his life is anything but normal and he is anything but a normal cat.  He is not a cat at all!

With a dangerous group of villains chasing after him, Errol must uncover the truth about his mythical origins before it’s too late…

Meet the Cast

Meet the Creators

Ross Grifkin

Ross has always enjoyed writing. He wrote his first short story when he was in 2nd grade called Candy Land. He always dreamed of writing and went to school at the University of Maine at Farmington to pursue this dream.

Tonya Grifkin

Tonya has been drawing ever since she was a small child. She enjoys creating in many different mediums. Her favorite type of creature to make is a dragon! She went to school at the University of Illinois and studied art and teaching.


“A fantastical tale of suspense and adventure! With bright and fun illustrations
from cover to cover,
Errol: The Cat Who Wasn’t a Cat is a 5-star read that kids and tweens will love.”
— Stacy A. Padula, award-winning Y.A. author

Stacy A. Padula

Oh, what a delightful and heartwarming children’s book “Errol: The Cat Who Wasn’t a Cat” turned out to be! From the very first page, my little one was captivated by the lovable character of Errol the Cat and his incredible journey through the pages.

The story is beautifully written, with a perfect balance of engaging narration and vivid illustrations that truly bring Errol’s world to life. Each page is a burst of color and creativity, capturing the attention of young readers and keeping them enchanted till the very end.

My kids are really looking forward to Book #2 in the series.

Gregg Lieberman

My 9 year old really enjoyed it. She kept reading it over and over, alone and together, for over a week. Different story telling and plot lines will peak interest. Action and humor to keep kids engaged…”paws up” still makes me snicker.

Cool art work. Subtle art work details, introduced characters, and plot twists leave you pulling for Errol to reconnect to his innate spirit / true self, wanting for more answers, and of course……for what happens next!

Dr. Nicholas Stamoulos

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